About Me

This website includes a blog about my journey into midwifery, sharing the comical moments and the difficult times and giving a true reflection of what its really like as a 30 something year old, ex bank staff, now student midwife at a London university going from a life like this…

to one more like this…

And yes they are crocs, yes they are odd colours and styles, they were also odd sizes and 2 right feet and no I didn’t intentionally do that to the orange peel!

On top of training to become a midwife I have also taken on the additional challenge of setting up my own business providing hypnobirthing and practical and positive childbirth preparation classes focused on overcoming fears and promoting relaxation. I don’t know where I find the time and I can’t pin point the exact moment I lost my marbles but i’m quite happy to carry on without them. I love what I do!!

I’m a complete novice as far as blogging is concerned but I find it quite therapeutic, especially when I find that people relate to my random musings!! I created this blog so that I could look back on my journey, I don’t sugar coat or exaggerate anything in my blog, its all exactly how I’m feeling at the time. Sometimes I’m ridiculously funny (obvs), others I probably seem like a miserable sod, but the miserable stuff is never relating to my passion. I love that whatever is going on in my life, as soon as I am ‘with woman’ its like I’ve entered a bubble where everything else outside of my instinctive need to care for the woman just disappears. I was born to do this. I’m incredibly passionate about ensuring expectant parents are informed and empowered to help them feel confident and positive about making the choices that are right for them around pregnancy, birth and parenthood.


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